Zlog Online Documentation

Please note that this documentation is under-construction but we're updating it continuously!

Welcome to ZLOG, we - LineThemes hope you will have great experience using our theme. With the following guide, you can have an overview of theme features and settings as well as know how to customize the theme by yourself.

Theme Customization

Zlog provides a rich variety of theme options which help you customize the theme easily. Go to Appearance > Customize, these options are categorized into the following sections:

  • General settings
  • Layout & Styles settings
  • Header settings
  • Footer settings
  • Blog & Post settings
  • Site Identity settings
  • Menus settings
  • Widgets settings
  • Static Font Page settings


Click Save & Publish button when finished customizing to save the changes.

These global settings can be overridden in single post or page.

An overlook of Zlog theme options

General Settings

1. Logo

Beside a default logo apply to overall page, Zlog provides 2 extra options for Retina and Sticky Header logo.

  • Logo: Drag & drop or select your logo here. This is the default logo.
  • Retina Logo: Please use a high-resolution logo for Retina display.
  • Retina Logo size: Should be set equal to the width & height of the default logo above.
  • Logo Margin: Set margin top, bottom for logo. It will be apply for both default & retina logo.
  • Logo for Sticky Header: Drag & drop or select a small logo for Sticky Header here. This logo can be enable/disable in Footer settings.

Logo for Sticky Header

2. Social Sharing

  • Social Sharing Button: Select the networks you want to share your content.
  • Enable Social Share For: Select the pages will include these social sharing buttons.

Social Sharing Button

3. Misc

  • Show Go Top Button: Turn on/off to show/hide Go To Top button
  • Social Icons: Click to the social icons you want and input their URL. These icons will be displayed on footer and can be enable/disable in Footer settings.

Go To Top button & Social Icons

Layout & Styles Settings

1. Global Settings

  • Color Scheme: Select an accent color for theme
  • Layout: Choose full-width or boxed layout
  • Layout Width: Type width of theme in pixel
  • Layout Margin: Type margin top, bottom of theme in pixel
  • Sidebar Position: Choose a position of Sidebar (No Sidebar/ Left/ Right)
  • Sidebar: Select the widgets area will be displayed in Sidebar position
  • Sidebar Width: Type width of the Sidebar in pixel.
  • Sidebar - Content Spacing: Type space between Sidebar & main Content in pixel.
  • Pagination: Choose one in four styles (Pager/ Numeric/Pager & Numeric/ Load more) for the Pagination in overall page.

Accent color of theme

2. Typography

Zlog provides you numerous options to customize the theme’s typography:

  • Body Font: Set font family, size, weight & style, color for the body text
  • Headings Font: Set font family, size, weight & style for the H1 to H6 heading
  • Menu Font: Set font family, size, weight & style, color for the menu text
  • Subsets Font: Turn ON to load subsets such as Cyrillic, Greek, Vietnamese, Latin, Devanagari when use Google fonts in some special languages

The detailed settings of theme typography