How to update WordPress theme

Updating your theme to the latest version is so important since it not only offers you the new features but also protects you from other bugs. We hope that the following guide will help you carry out this task much more easily.

NOTICE: it is recommended that you should back up your theme before updating its new version, particularly if you have made some modifications. Also, install the child theme is recommended.

Update via Envato Market plugin

This is a preferred way to update our theme. Please download and install plugin Envato Market from https://envato.com/market-plugin/. You should follow an instruction to update the theme from this page.

Update via FTP: 

  1. Backup your old theme *
  2. Upload the new theme override the old one in wp-content/themes folder
  3. Re-apply your customization **

* Backup theme: You can use FTP client to make a copy of your old theme located on wp-content/themes folder

** Re-apply customization: if you have to do any code change, please merge it from the old version to the new one. BUT if you used Child Theme to customize your site before, this step will be skipped.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST: After updating your theme, it's important to update your required plugins to ensure both theme & plugins can work properly. Go to Plugins >> Installed Plugins then update all the plugin which have Required Update status.